ZIMATECHNIK Ltd. is a Czech trade company being active in market segments such as energy, oil and gas industry, transportation, infrastructure and others.

Zimatechnik was established in 1994. In 2010 was acquired by Mr. Robert Málek and Mr. Peter Švajda and the company began its engineering and international commercial activities primarily in the Russian Federation and Ukraine and in another eastern markets.  Nowadays Zimatechnik provides a wide range of services and products in differents industrial areas.

Zimatechnik is engaged in development and production of the tramcar bogies and in development and modernization of tram cars. Company organizes localization of the production of some components on site and another projects like new tramcars and metro trains.

Zimatechnik supplies its partners with dampers, springs, bearings, etc. and is also engaged in power engineering. Especially company represents a unique patented technology designed for the purpose of waste conversion to energy. This PTR technology is based on thermal decomposition of the waste, as are for instance biomass, solid municipal waste, rubber, tires, heavy oil and others. PTR technology – slow thermal decomposition – is developed and manufactured by HEDVIGA GROUP, as.

Zimatechnik is a rapidly developing company capable of promptly reacting to the customer’s requirements, incl. providing financing of large investment projects and provides commercial activities for the companies as for instance DAKO CZ a.s., HŽP a.s., Mikon s.r.o., ST-OS, HEDVIGA GROUP, a.s., and other contractual partner companies of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other EU countries.