KOVIS GROUP is one of the leading companies in Europe for the development and production of components for the railway industry, such as brake discs, axle boxes, and different parts for the railway industry and other industrial sectors.

With 40 years of tradition KOVIS GROUP consists of four companies. In addition to the parent company KOVIS, there is the KOVIS LIVARNA that manufactures high-quality castings from ductile and grey cast iron, KOVIS BP completes high-quality processing and final production of axle boxes for freight wagons and KOVIS TRANSPORT, which takes care of logistics services and internal/external transport.

Professional competence, extremely broad knowledge of processing and foundry, years of experience, an innovative approach, the use of modern technologies and equipment enable us to provide our customers with highly complex technological solutions, flexibility and high quality, short delivery periods, which are also our key competitive advantages.

The development and innovativeness dictate the company’s tempo and always open new business opportunities, and therefore act in accordance with the slogan-good ideas create the future.

96 per cent of revenue is created from the sale on foreign markets. We sell our products in 34 countries around the world. The most important is still Europe, namely Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, United Kingdom, Italy, and Slovenia. We are also present in the Asian and American markets.

In the entire group there are around 450 employees.
MORE INFORMATION: https://www.kovis-group.com/en/