Zimatechnik represents the unique patented ecological technology of the company "HEDVIGA GROUP" PTR 1000 - utilization of industrial and municipal waste. This technology PTR - thermal decomposition of materials, biomass, solid alternative fuel, rubber on effective materials and energy!
HEDVIGA GROUP, a.s. in its patented PTR solution introduces a slow thermal decomposition method, which is conducted in sealed fuel cells without air access, in the range of process temperatures from 300 to 500 °C, wherein during the 2-3-hour process, the input material is always decomposed into the next three fractions – products.

Currently, the last phase of commissioning of PTR 1000 kW6 solution is in progress in London, Great Britain. This project is a response to a demand of effective utilization of waste rubber from tires, as well as the current production of fuels and electricity. This project is capacitively designed for production of 1MWe and 1MW heat, when achieving processing capacity of 24 tonnes of rubber a day.