The company DAKO-CZ (www.dako-cz.cz/en/) is the world's leading manufacturer of braking systems for rail vehicles.

We offer products and services of the DAKO Company as brake systems for trams, subway trains, passenger and freight wagons, electric and diesel trains.

We represent DAKO-CZ mainly to the CIS countries and at the Iranian market.

Products for railway transportation

  • distributors and complementary valves
  • brake cylinders
  • disk brake units
  • devices for automatic continuous load-controlled braking
  • electronic anti-skid devices
  • panels of devices
  • brake hose couplings and closings cocks
  • additional devices for brake systems
  • limiting valves

Brake system for freight cars

Freight cars are equipped with an automatic brake system allowing automatic brake use based on the weight of the cargo. The pressure in the brake cylinder and the force acting on the brake blocks are governed by actual weight of the train. This DAKO brake system complies with requirements and specifications of UIC and TSI regulations.

1. Brake coupling, 2. End cock, 3. Auxiliary air reservoir, 4. Eye of pull rod, 5. “On-Off” Changeover Gear, 6. “G-P” Changeover Gear, 7. Brake cylinder, 8. Compact brake, 9. Automatic brake release valve, 10. Diagnostic connection, 11. Load weighing valve

Brake system for tank cars

Brake systems for container wagons and pocket wagons

Brake system for trams

Electromechanical and hydraulic tram brakes

  • electromechanical accumulator disc brake
  • hydraulic accumulator brake
  • hydraulic active brake
  • accumulator brake of trailer bogie



The tram consists of two engine bogies and one trailer bogie. The engine bogie is equipped with an electro hydraulic passive brake with an automatic slack adjuster, the trailer bogie with an electro hydraulic active brake. Both the active brake and the passive brake are designed for propotional additional braking of the tram, as a parking brake or full-fledged substitute brake in case of an EDB failure. Part of the delivery is control electronics and sand blasting.



Electro hydraulic passive brake is designed for proportional additional braking of traction bogies, as a parking brake or full‑fledged substitute brake in case of an edb failure.

Brake system for metro cars

The brake system for metro cars is based on a modular system. It controls the pressure in the train brake pipe, electro pneumatic brake with direct effect, emergency brake, spring parking brake and air suspension system, which ensures the constant distance between the car bogie and cabin regardless the actual load. The trains are also equipped with an wheel slide protection system to protect the wheels.

1. Brake module, 2. Block of instruments, 3. Cleaning unit, 4. Discharge valve, 5. Disc brake unit, 6. Parking brake control, 7. Speed sensor, 8. Phonic wheel, 9. Brake discs, 10. Compensatory valve, 11. Governing valve, 12. Automatic brake control system, 13. Emergency brake deactivator valve, 14. Quick acting brake valve, 15. Pipe cock, 16. Cock with switch, 17. Filter, 18. Air reservoir, 19. Block of instruments, 20. Differential valve

Brake system for passenger choaches

This system is based on an automatic DAKO CV1nD system and also comprise an electro pneumatic brake system, control system for electromagnetic track brake and DAKO PZ4 emergency brake system. The bogies are equipped with disc brake units, three position wheel slide protection dump valves and speed sensors installed on the train axle. The passenger coach is also equipped with a DAKO wheel slide protection system.

1. Compact brake, 2. Auxiliary air reservoir, 3. Disc brake unit, 4. Brake disc, 5. Dust collector, 6. “On-Off” Changeover Gear, 7. Eye of pull rod, 8. End cock, 9. Brake coupling, 10. Brake indicator, 11. Electromagnetic track brake testing module, 12. Display of electromagnetic track brake, 13. Emergency brake valve, 14. Safety valve of emergency brake, 15. Electronic block of the wheel slide protection system, 16. Draining valve, 17. Magnetic track brake, 18. Magnetic track brake electric control unit

Brake system for train units

Brake system for train units consists of an electro pneumatic brake, automatic brake, parking brake and emergency brake. The system is also equipped with auxiliary pneumatic circuits, such as collector control, sand blasting or cleaning of wheel surfaces, which are in contact with the rail. Pressure control in the train brake pipe  is ensured by DAKO panel brake valve. The trains are also equipped with an wheel slide protection system to protect the wheels and with an air suspension system.

1. Brake system for motor bogie, 2. Brake module of a trailer bogie, 3. Wheel slide protection module/a, 4. Closing module, 5. Brake valve of automatic brake, 6. Module for collector and auxiliary compressor control, 7. Collector supply module, 8. Feeding pipe filling module, 9. Brake indicator, 10. Air suspension valve, 11. Differential valve, 12. Disc brake unit, 13. Cleaning unit, 14. Closing cock, 15. Filter, 16. Emergency brake valve, 17. Quick acting brake valve, 18. Wheel slide protection control unit, 19. Speed sensor, 20. Phonic wheel, 21. Air reservoir