• material cutting – table shears, band saws
  • drilling - classical drilling, NC, gun drilling with the material contra-rotation ·
  • milling - milling machine vertical, horizontal, tool’s, five-axis NC centre, gear milling of the small modules toothing
  • grinding - rounded grinding machine, flatted, non-pointed
  • thread rolling – rolling machines
  • lathe-turning – classical lathes, turret lathes, curvilinear automatic machines, NC - including double spindle machines with driven tools
  • metalwork - bending sheet on hand benders, sheet metal cutting
  • production of the condensation loops


  • pointed welding, resistance welding, welding in the argon protective atmosphere and CO2, micro-plasma, a one- purpose dedicated laser welding workplace

Surface finishes

  • scouring - scouring machine with NC steering control 
  • steel staining and non-ferrous metals, staining and passivation of stainless steel, brass passivation
  • galvanic metallization with nickel and zinc, black zincing
  • anodizing aluminium coloured and colourless
  • anodizing with the dissolvent overlay substances


  • minor manual mechanical assembly
  • printed circuit fitting - SMD and combined installation, automated and semi-automatic fitting machines, assembled printed circuits’ testing
  • final assembly of the mechanical, electronic and mechanical-electronic devices; setup and control functionality included