Trams construction and delivery

We provide tramcar design and manufacture and we supply new trams according to the customer requirements. As well as we design, manufacture and supply various types of tramcar bogies.

In cooperation with a Russian tramcars producer, the company Zimatechnik offers new trams, both with fully low-floor and conventional bogies. Zimatechnik supplies a new tramcar production program with own bogie construction, dampers ST-OS, brake systems as well as engineering and technological support. 

We create new constructed trams in accordance with the most modern world standards and trends and their completion depends on customer’s needs (air condition, information systems, etc.).

Tramcar and metro bogies

The most significant influence on the reliability and lifetime of the trams cause bogies. The construction of the Zimatechnik’s bogies is based on the design experience of the Czech construction school. These bogies, designed by Zimatechnik, have succeeded in the world. They have been used in the U.S.A., Russian Federation and we are preparing next projects in Asia and Africa.  

We offer technical and development support including localization of production of trams and bogies, too. We can also help with financing and construction of tram infrastructure on the turn-key basis.